Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions and Revolutions

It's that time of the year again, where everyone makes new years resolutions and hopefully keeps them. Here at 635 in the morning on a saturday your tireless blogger sits and is at a loss for what to resolve to do. Not that I accomplished much this year but that goes without saying. On the team front I'd really like us to to make a showing during the road racing season. Not to say we won't or we can't or any of that nonsense but I'd like to see that work out in our favor. I fully intend to at least try my hand at road racing. Can't be that hard really it's riding a bike.
On a personal level this year I'm gonna ride my goddamn bike. Last year was a miserable shit show for me and that's gotta change. Even if it means 9 pm bedtimes on saturday nights to squeeze in a 6 am ride I gotta do it. I think I'm gonna focus on just clocking in as many miles as I can squeeze in once the weather breaks in june or july.
I hope everyone has a nice new years eve and day and stays safe, it's amateur night out there so be careful on the roads. If you need me I'll be the one hopefully sleeping in past 6 tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Now begins the winter

Of anymore only my discontent. Shitty weather here in Scum City yesterday which means the roads are soupy drek today. Be careful out there it's gonna be a rough one. I gotta go rip the cages off my bike and get to work, these orders aren't gonna deliver themeselves.
Also, have you ever thought of riding with the luminaries of Scum City? Now's your chance as we are intending to whoop it up a bit at the Camba New Years Day Ride. It's gonna be a fun day of bikes, beer, possibly ham sandwiches.

Ok, this bike isn't gonna work on itself


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Non Offensive Holiday Wishes!

Just wanted to say have a nice fun one from me and all the guys and gals here at Team Scum City. It's been a really fun first year for all of us and we're all looking forward to 2012 in a positive light. Enjoy your holiday meals, and lets hope the weather breaks so we can actually get out on the road and work them off!

Happy Holidays and keep it rubber side down
Scum City

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Another fun day downtown, just updating the winter movie list to include ride the divide which is now on netflix streaming. Also to repost this pic, as this is next level awesome.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Movie Corner!

I know all of us are considering, or some have started their indoor training. Me, I just ate pizza training enough for me. But I promised a long time ago I'd blab about movies so I got a couple

Kill the Irishman: Not gonna lie, really really liked this movie. I'm biased in the fact that I love Cleveland true crime truth be told. Really well done, all the performances were good I give it two thumbs up.

Blood Sweat and Gears: Also, not bad, and a scant 90 minutes long to boot. It's nice to see the beginnings of Team Cervelo-Earl Scheib-Tea House Noodles-Waffle House, or whatever they are this year. Being they are my favorite pro team it was nice to see the behind the scenes stuff. Team management, structure and that stuff was really interesting to me and a side of the pro world I didn't know much about. Not nearly enough Zabriskie for this guy. But worth a rent from Netflix, two thumbs up.

I have yet to get any ham sandwiches downtown btw. And Captain George told me the only 815 tall boy he got was one he bought himself. For shame applicants, for shame. Good day to ride today everyone, clear and cold. Get out there if ya can.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

After a brief convo with Captain George.

I'm typing this whole thing in so you can see the insanity I deal with daily.

Me: Hey buddy, we're still trying to do columbus right?
CG: Did you fax ahead my list of demands?
M: No, you can't have a rider george, none of us are that famous yet.
G: What? I specifically asked for a tropical fruit plate, and the DVD Smokey and the Bandit playing on loop near my trainer?
M:Yeah, I didn't even send that out. It's not even worth trying.

At this point he started muttering about Buford T. Justice and how he had this whole thing in his head that he was gonna "catch the bandit" down in Cbus. Truth be told I have no idea what he's on about, but it's not looking good for the winter Scum City field trip.

Now I have eleven voice mails from Alex to answer, and 17 emails from Will. Hopefully it's not another "art shoot" from his camera involving sculpted tofu. I get it buddy, but you're never ever ever gonna get bean curd to look like Jonathan Vaughters. It's just not gonna happen.

Keep it rubber side down everyone